KTN Business Solutions Company Limited


KTN Business Solutions Company Limited. (KTNBS) is one of Certified IBM Business Partner, we specialize in providing Lotus Notes & XPages application development, solution Implementation and administration, application & software consultation, custom training classes, and other supporting services.


We provide consulting services, and offer turnkey solutions with Lotus Notes and Domino infrastructure. From application design stage to development process, we are providing custom training classes for customer’s requirements. KTNBS had extended our business to organizations of all sizes with other related products such as application consultating services, solution training services, solution implementation services, application hosting services, and INASSOFT Software (is developed and designed by KTNBS Group). In 2008, we has began opening 9Notes.Net Community for exchanging and sharing several ideas such as Lotus Software information, tips and techniques, problems & questions, development and technical administration supports, and open source. Thus we provide our 9Notes.Net courses (Thai Manual) for training users to use all Lotus Software effectively.

After 15 years of experience and known how applying knownledge in IT application development, KTNBS finally develops our software tools that assisting and supporting the workflow needs in the system is called "INAS Workflow Management." Main features of INASSOFT are focusing on utility friendly, smarter collaboration, and custom flexibility. Because of being the software owner and developer in Thailand, even KTNBS can add more features to our products based upon customer requirements.

KTN Business Solutions Company Limited (KTNBS) is established in 2003, our intention is to drive business, and delivers IBM Lotus Software to business organizations of all sizes. We are focusing on after-sales services with supporting technical & development fields, maintenance, and consultation services. We always are tracking customers’ feedbacks for building satisfaction and relationships between them and us. KTNBS is founded as IBM Business Partner, and intends to develop applications on Lotus Notes such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, ISO Management System, Internet Marketing Management, Workflow Management, Content Management System (Portal), and other software. We called these software groups that ‘INASSOFT’ (is our business application package solutions, we develop it for responding to your demands for today’s business world), we have the opportunities to implement systems to customer sites, and proceed supporting in maintenance and solving technical problems. Also, it includes holding/providing in-house training courses to customers.

Later, we are established 9Notes.Net Community (www.9notes.net) in 2008, is first Lotus Notes/Domino Community in Thailand where we developed the community webboard on Lotus Notes at all. We have our objective for supporting and helping Thai people to join and express new ideas about IBM Lotus Software, and we are giving to answer questions and problem solving methods in technical administration, system development, and other problems. We also are informing and announcing IBM Lotus Software information in the community. Besides, we have IBM Lotus Software courses in Thai manual that we made from our experiences over 10 years. We are developing our new courses and Thai manual continuously for supporting and improving skills of Thai users to use IBM Lotus Software effectively. We understood that Thai people have problems in using language skills, so we develop for solving those problems. We have been holding training seminars in “Public Class”. Every course is real work procedures by not focusing on theory. We realize that when students already studied our courses, they will be able to use skills in their company actually. On the preceding, we have good feedback from customers who had studied our courses.

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